All 1-1 yoga and reiki sessions will be available at the Wild Ways Cabin, Birstwith North Yorkshire. The Yoga Classes take place at The Acorn Wellness Retreat. These classes are held every Tuesday morning from 9.30 - 11am.


yoga for you £50

A place for you to open and heal. Breath, movement and rest for you to connect to your inner truth, to your feminine power and creative energy. After an initial consultation, a beautiful and personal yoga session will be planned just for your needs. 1.5hrs

yoga and reiki £80

A nurturing and restorative feminine yoga session, suitable for all levels, including chair yoga. We start with breath work, followed by slow movement to encourage connection within. Relaxation is given as Reiki, a beautiful way to end this time for you. As women we spend too much time giving, rushing and worrying. We need to allow ourselves more love, more time and more stillness. Please remember that Reiki is not a substitution for medical or psychological care, treatment, or advice. 2hrs

yoga for women £15

Women’s Yoga is more than just yoga, it is a healing circle of women, connecting, embracing and supporting each other. A place to find stillness and strength within. Breath, movement and rest, using Kundalini Kriya to awaken your energy and Womb Yoga to connect you to your feminine power. Relaxation is a guided meditation or intuitive drumming.